Call to action for Union County

To all registered Democrats in Union County- if you are looking for
making a difference in the democratic party- whether it be through
elected officials, NC Democratic platform or DNC chair, we need you!!!
Attached is a document containing the dates and times of the 2017
Annual Democratic Precinct Meetings. Precinct meetings help neighbors
interested in the political process meet each other and begin working
together. Just look up your precinct: and search for it in the
document attached to see where and when your precinct is having their
From those attending, the precinct will elect precinct officers–a
chair, vice-chair and secretary. We will debate and vote on proposed
resolutions that may ultimately become Democratic party platform
planks. Precinct meetings are the beginning of the process used to
select delegates who may go on to the State and National Democratic
Party Conventions. These officers and delegates also coordinate
grassroots work for political education and get out the vote (GOTV)
campaign activities in union county. Come start to make Union County
blue again.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Claudia
Sandoval at

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