Charlotte Women's Movement

seeks to raise awareness and galvanize action on equality for all women with a focus on our local community

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WUM 2020 Photos!

Candid photo gallery from the 2020 Women United March! Previous Next Check back as we add more! ...
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WUM in the News

Gina Navarrete, Charlotte Women's Movement Co-President, chats with WBTV's QC3 Kristen Miranda about the 2020 Women United March, Saturday, Jan ...
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Are women’s marches still relevant?

Charlotte Observer Opinion, January 24, 2020 by Gina Navarrete The question is not “why are women still upset, why do ...
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#UseYourPower in 2020 with the Women United March Community Partners

Join in…use YOUR power…turn your activism into action…by connecting with our wide variety of community partners, organizations doing good and ...
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Women United March 2020 Speakers

This year’s Women United March features a wide variety of speakers who use their power to make positive changes in ...
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City Honors MLK: January 15-20

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade 2020 Previous Next MLK Weekend EventsLast year, we permanently renamed our march the Women ...
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2020 Women United March!

The 2020 Women United March is Saturday, January 25th!  Co-Chairs this year are Becca Bernstein of Charlotte Women’s Movement, and Atreece Bailey of National Coalition of 100 Black Women –   Queen City Metropolitan Chapter. 



We look forward to see you all there!  For the most recent information and to volunteer visit 


CWM Mission Statement

WE BELIEVE… informed women can be mobilized to accomplish great things.

We support:  Women as head of family issues • Women’s health and reproductive rights • Civic engagement • Affordable living and housing

WE BELIEVE… informed women will want to share their voices with their representatives.

We support:  LGBTQ rights and issues • Immigration advocacy

WE BELIEVE… informed women should be better represented in our governing bodies.

We support:  Ratifying the ERA amendment in NC • Get Out the Vote efforts • Electing women to office 

From Our Co-Presidents

Laura Meier

We are hoping to use the CWM platform to further the causes of women’s rights. In particular, we will continue to focus on women’s healthcare and reproductive rights. CWM strongly believes that gender disparities in healthcare, particularly for women of color, is a problem that we can no longer ignore. We need to shed light on this problem and educate women on how to best advocate for themselves.

CWM’s purpose is to be a strong voice for women – particularly women from marginalized communities.  We believe the best way to advocate for Women is to encourage and support them to “take a seat” at the proverbial table. This includes women running for leadership positions and political office. 

 Finally, CWM feels deeply that to make positive change, we must educate ourselves and the community by supporting the many quality programs and seminars currently being presented in Charlotte on racial equity and inclusion. We cannot expect a peaceful and prosperous community without justice and equality. CWM is an organization that was founded on the basis of the Women’s March, yet we are so more than a march—WE are a movement! 

–Laura and Gina

Gina Navarrete