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Have a question for the Charlotte Women’s Movement organization?  Need to get in touch with Laura, Gina or one of our committee members?  Shoot us an email.  Board member names and posititons are listed below the Contact Form.

Charlotte Women’s March is an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association formed pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 59B of the North Carolina General Statutes.

Current Board Members:

Co-Presidents – Laura Meier ( and Gina Navarrete (
Vice President – Carla Archie (
Secretary – Mickie Hall (
Treasurer – Catherine Verratti (
Housing Advocate – Rosalyn Allison Jacobs
LGBTQ Group Advocate – Jane Corey
Community and Engagement Advocate – Kay Etheridge
Communications Team Co-Chairs – Mary Staton and Beth Davis (
Newsletter – Mary Staton (
Finance – Elizabeth Nelson and Pam West
Website WoManager – Cathy McKee (
Women United March 2020 Co- Chair – Becca Bernstein (
Policies/Procedures- Brian O’Leary and Cate Stadelman
Gerrymandering Advocate – Brian O’Leary
Immigration Advocate and Calendar Keeper– Stephanie Fielder (
Pa st President –  Jan Anderson
March Advisor – Autumn Watson
Board Advisor – Jannica Griefe

For general questions, Charlotte Women’s March Board Members may be contacted via email at

If you would like to volunteer your support in communications, social media, photography, videography, writing, event planning, and email and website support please email us at .