Notorious RVG (Ruthless Vote Getter)

THE ERA: There are  incredible equality advocates in each state working to educate voters of our need to fix the equality gap in our Constitution. Come out and join us, celebrate voting for women and candidates who support passing the ERA in NC. #USEYOURVOICE and sign the RVG to let your legislators know that you support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment  here in NC.
Plan your vote: If you want to see which candidates have openly agreed to support NC’s passage of the ERA amendment you can click here. If you want to sign the RVG, the appearance schedule is listed below. Let’s turn out for voter equality for women. If you’d like to volunteer to assist the RVG while it is in Charlotte please click here for  Tour Guidelines and Waivers. For more information:

Website | Twitter: @VoteEqualityUS | Instagram: @voteequalityus | Facebook: @voteequalityus

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