Way to #UseYourPower Charlotte!

Thank you to everyone who marched, everyone who spoke, everyone who carried a sign, everyone who volunteered, everyone who donated, and everyone who worked so very hard to make Women United March 2020 happen. We are grateful to the staff of Charlotte Mecklenburg Parks and Recreation Department and to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for making Women United March 2020 safe and successful. We are grateful to our speakers for their time and passion and voices.

We thank each of these over 80 volunteers for their energy and their dedication in bringing forward the power of women and those who support them. The names in bold indicate steering committee members who have worked since July to put all of these details in place. 

Aisha Sabur | Alexandra Hoethke | Ali Cook | Alisahah J. Cole | Allison Allen | Angel Patton | Angelica Garnett | Atreece Bailey | Autumn Watson | Becca Bernstein | Beth Davis | Brandon Utley | Brenton Bent | Brian O’Leary | Brooke Adams | Calandra Barnes | Calvin McKenzie | Carla Archie | Carlos Young | Catherine Verratti | Cathy McKee | Charlie Pike | Chris Bernstein | Chris Jones | D. Brause | Danielle Maddox | Deb Butler | Dee Dee Hayes | Dele Ohonme | DJ.SPK | Elizabeth Nelson | Ellen Dalton Creede | Emily Ethridge | Erin Hubbs | Frances Fugate | Gina Rambo-Navarette | Heather Ruckterstuhl | Isabella Gagliardo | Jacqueline Dinh | Jan Anderson | Jane Corey | Janet Cohen | Janice Dampare | Jessica Mengus | Jordan Henderson | Juanetta Covington | Katrina Whelchel  | Kay Ethridge | Kelly Woodfin | Krissy Oliver-Mays | LaDonna Collins | Laura Meier | Leah Galloway | Leena | Lisa Frame | Lisa Stockton Howell | Louisa Grant | Mary Ellis Stevens | Mary Staton | Meagan O’Connor | Megan Rees | Meredith Fleig | Mickie Hall | Nan Gray | Nona Fahl | Ollie Ritchey | Pam West | Rachel Hewitt | Ramona Holloway | Renee Hill | Reverend Sharon Washington Risher | Saronda | Shannon Homesley | Sonia Sonseca | Stephanie Fielder | Stephanie Groot | Taylor Cohen | Tiffany Hemmings-Prather | Tracey Watts | Trisha Moss | Wendy Anderson |

And now for your Women United Marching Orders — Let’s make change in 2020 — we challenge you to find one local organization or candidate or cause where you can Use Our Power for change. We provide you with a link to the 2020 community partner list here.  And most of all — let’s be sure everyone, everywhere can vote, and will take the time to vote. Because after all, isn’t voting really our superpower?!

We are grateful for your power Charlotte women,

Atreece Bailey, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., – Queen City Metropolitan Chapter

Becca Bernstein, Charlotte Women’s Movement

Photos courtesy of Erin L Hubbs

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