#UseYourPower in 2020 with the Women United March Community Partners

Join in…use YOUR power…turn your activism into action…by connecting with our wide variety of community partners, organizations doing good and important work right here in Charlotte. Charlotte Women’s Movement and National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.–Queen City Metropolitan Chapter encourage you to band together to get more done and create the changes we seek!

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

African American Caucus of Mecklenburg

The African American Caucus of the Mecklenburg Democratic Party promotes political participation and education within the African American community and encourages African Americans to seek public office.

AAC Facebook Page Contactaac.mcdp@gmail.com

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

Airing out the “Dirty” Laundry:   Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry is an ongoing community art movement that responds to the silencing of cis women, trans women, women-identifying, and non binary people by creating opportunities and space for them to reveal stories and experiences of strength, unity, hope, and resistance of oppression, injustice, and exclusion through visual storytelling. Please reach out to local artist and educator, Andrea Downs for more information and be a part of the narrative.   airingoutthedirtylaundry.com   Contact: areneedowns@gmail.com

Brave Step: For survivors of sexual abuse, therapeutic services created to help you begin and navigate the journey to heal. 


Carolina Abortion Fund: A pro-abortion and pro-choice organization that works in partnership with reproductive justice organizations locally, regionally, and nationally to support families access to parenting, abortion, and adoption as valid reproductive options. carolinaabortionfund.org

Photo by Erin l. Hubbs
Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

Center for Community Transitions: Helps people with criminal records and their families find healthier and more productive ways of living. centerforcommunitytransitions.org

Charlotte Women’s Movement: Seeks to raise awareness and galvanize action on equality for all women with a focus on our local community, including co-sponsoring the Women United March with the NCBW-QCMC on Jan. 25. charlottewomensmovement.org  Contact: info@charlottewomensmovement.org

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

Cityblock Health: Provides personalized, high-quality, and affordable care to members covered by Medicaid and/or Medicare, partnering with local health insurance companies to cover services for eligible members. cityblock.com/northcarolina

Photo by Lisa Stockton Howell

Earth Uprising Charlotte:  We are a team of young people who want to save the planet. Youth climate activists from all over the world are uniting to take action and demand a better future for ourselves and future generations.   National Instagram: @earth_uprising and website: Earth Uprising, Charlotte chapter: @earthuprising.clt

Women United March 2020 Speaker: Mary Ellis Steven

XR Youth:  Non-violent Rebellion against the governments of the world for climate and ecological justice.   National Instagram: @xr_youth  Charlotte chapter: @xryouth.charlotte

Women United March 2020 Speakers: Krissy Oliver-Mays and Ollie Ritchey

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

End Gerrymandering: A bipartisan group of former governors who filed a brief to bring an end gerrymandering and promote independent redistricting in North Carolina. endgerrymandering.com

ERA NC Alliance:  The Equal Rights Amendment North Carolina Alliance is a group of organizations that agree ratification of the ERA will improve women’s lives in North Carolina and the United States. era-nc.org


The Law Office of Faith Fox: Faith Fox PLLC is a civil rights attorney in Charlotte.  faithfoxlaw.com

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

Girls Rock Charlotte: Exists to amplify voices of girls, women, and gender diverse youth & adults, championing equity and inclusion on stage, behind the camera, and in our community. girlsrockclt.org

Photo by Lisa Stockton Howell

Jewish Community Relations Council and Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom: Jewish Community Relations Council, Temple Beth El, Carolina Jews for Justice, Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, and the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice at Queens University of Charlotte, join together to build relationships and educate marchers about the increase of antisemitism, Islamophobia and other forms of hate confronting our collective community. Saturday 10:15 am: Public Shabbat Morning Prayer Experience led by Rabbi Judith Schindler, followed by reflections of peace shared by local Jewish and Muslim leaders. sosspeace.org . Contact: sosscharlotte1@gmail.com

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

Indivisible District 9

This group represents constituents from the NC 9th Congressional District and strives to strengthen democracy through direct action to educate and engage community members. indivisiblencdistrict9.com . Contact: carolynmoc9nc@gmail.com

Photo by Lisa Stockton Howell

Moms Demand Action:  Moms Demand Action is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence.  momsdemandaction.org 

Women United March 2020 Speaker Sharon Washington Risher 

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

NARAL Pro Choice NC: A pro-choice organization which advocates that every person should be able to control their bodies when making their own decisions about reproductive health.  prochoicenc.org

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs
Photo by Lisa Stockton Howell

NCBW-QCMC, Inc.: National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc,-Queen City Metropolitan Chapter, is a non-profit volunteer organization for African American women to promote gender and racial equity.  Co-sponsor of the Women United March on Jan. 25 with the Charlotte Women’s Movement. ncbw-qcmc.org

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

PFLAG Charlotte: PFLAG is the extended family of the LGBTQ community. We’re made up of LGBTQ individuals, family members and allies. pflagcharlotte.org    Contact: pflagcharlotte@gmail.com 

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic: Delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information.


Photo by Erin L. Hubbs



Poor People’s Campaign: Promotes a national call for moral revival. 


Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

Project Enough: Project Enough creates spaces for others to share their original stories of struggle, resistance, transformation, and strength with a focus on those voices that have been silenced or ignored.

Facebook Page  Contact: projectenoughclt@gmail.com

Reproductive Rights Coalition: Connects and aligns reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice advocacy for a larger, more unified impact across Charlotte. reprorightscoalition.org

Women United March 2020 Speaker Brooke Adams 

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs


Return Home Supplies:  A gun violence prevention nonprofit that sells school supply products designed to spark empowering, educational conversations about gun safety and civic engagement in our community. returnhomesupplies.com

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs

Swing Left Charlotte:

Progressives from Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas working together for democracy, balance and progress in our state and federal governments. Our focus is on voter engagement in districts where our efforts will have the greatest impact. swingleft.org

Photo by Erin L. Hubbs
Photo by Lisa Stockton Howell

You Can Vote Mecklenburg:  Helps citizens become voters.  youcanvote.org

Contact: Zion@youcanvote.org 

Thank you to our 2020 WUM Community Partners!

WUM Co-Sponsors

#UseYourPower, #WomenUnitedMarch, #CharlotteWomen’sMovement

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