Get Your Action On

Pick up pre-ordered T-Shirts at the table near the Google Fiber Building starting at 10 AM Saturday.

Show your POWER at the Women United March 2020 with our WUM T-Shirt.  A limited number of shirts will be available at the march for $20 each, cash only.

USE YOUR POWER. That’s the theme for this year’s Women United March, which will be January 25, 2020 at 11:00 in First Ward Park in Charlotte. We are encouraging everyone to USE YOUR POWER in 2020 – your power to change the course of history, to hold leaders accountable, to set the values for our country, to remove barriers that discriminate against members of our community, to keep our democracy honest, and to fight for what matters. 

This year’s march will feature speakers, music, vendors, and an incredible community coming together to celebrate our accomplishments, face our challenges, and help each other USE YOUR POWER.

The Women United March is run entirely by volunteers, and work is well underway to make the 2020 march the best yet. If you would like to be part of the planning, sign up to volunteer during the march, or make a donation, you can do so  HERE    Please do so now! And, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @womenunitedmarch and Facebook @WomenUnitedMarch.

USE YOUR POWER to help build engagement and organically promote the January 25 march. We are seeking quotes and testimonials to post in Women United March social media. So, please do tell: Why do you march? What compels you to join together with other members of the community and fight for what you believe in? With your quote, you can share your name and photo, or do so anonymously,   HERE  

Women United March 2020 is jointly sponsored by Charlotte Women’s Movement and National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. – Queen City Metropolitan Chapter.

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