100 Women x $100 Funding Challenge

AS WE CLOSE OUT THIS YEAR, we’re looking for donors to help us continue our transformational work in 2020. Warm thanks to this year’s donors who allowed us to be significant participants in meaningful events in 2019 which championed our causes: 

CWM needs $10,000 to support our work on behalf of women in our region in 2020. If 100 women donate $100 each, we will meet that goal. May we count on you? 

Click HERE to donate, or send your check to Charlotte Women’s March, 1235 East Blvd., Suite E, #194, Charlotte 28203.  Can’t do $100?  Then, by all means: Give what you can!

Laura Meier 

CWM Co-President

Gina Navarrete

CWM Co-President

Charlotte Women’s March is an unincorporated non-profit under Chapter 59B of the North Carolina Statues. Donations are NOT tax- deductible. For more information about the work of Charlotte Women’s March throughout the year please explore our website and calendar.

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