March to Movement

Charlotte Women’s March (CWM)
is Rebranding
and We Need Your Help

As we march forward into 2020, Charlotte Women’s March (CWM) is changing our name and logo to better reflect who we are. CWM was started in February 2017 when local Charlotte women gathered with energy and passion, determined to harness our anger and concern post election 2016. We have grown from that initial meeting of 200 women to 2300 members of all genders.

CWM seeks to raise awareness and galvanize action on equity for ALL women with a focus on our local community. We believe informed women can be mobilized to accomplish great things. We believe informed women will want to share their voices with local, state and federal representatives. We believe informed women should be better represented in our local, state and national governing bodies. We believe women! Now we need a new logo to represent this activism.

The new name is… Charlotte Women’s Movement.

We are focused on the following issues (click each link to read more):

We are soliciting designs from graphic design students as well as established designers (or anyone who can meet the submission requirements below.) The winning logo will be visible on CWM social media, at seminars and marches as well as on the many electronic emails and newsletters that the CWM produces.

Logos should be:

  • a CMYK vector eps or pdf
  • reflect a group that is open to all and supports diversity (political but not representing any specific political party)
  • take into consideration print usage (banners, t-shirts, business cards, etc) as well as electronic usage (social media, electronic newsletters, etc)
  • submitted electronically to:
  • take into consideration both horizontal and vertical usage (the winning logo possibly requiring a secondary design)

A panel of Charlotte graphic artists, teachers and web designers will judge the submissions and choose a winner. A prize of $500 will be awarded to the winning designer. This prize will also credit the designer as the creator of the logo and feature the designer in a story on Charlotte Women’s Movement website. The winning logo will be used solely by CWM and any other representation is prohibited. Display in a personal portfolio is the only application the designer will be granted. Only the winning design will be used. CWM reserves the right to use a one-color version.

The deadline for logo submissions are October 31. The winner will be announced in December and the new name and logo will be unveiled in conjunction with the Women United March in uptown Charlotte January 25, 2020.

Share your vision as we share our voices! Please forward this information to your activist friends and colleagues. Join our email list to share your voice. 

Further information will be posted here as it becomes available.


2 thoughts on “March to Movement”

  1. Hey. Thought I was/am fairly current on life as we know it – not so. #1 of the submission proviseos goes completely over my head.
    I would not use the word movement in the name. A movement is too close to a bodily function.
    Think again.
    Perhaps something like CHARLOTTE WOME – New Day Forward.
    CWNDF (Open a Window to the Future)
    Think about it. 😉
    Sherry Williams

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