We can all stand against hate

We must take a united stand in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Over recent weeks, racist and hate-filled messages have been sent to elected and appointed leaders of color in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. These messages are driven by attitudes and beliefs that must be rejected and resisted in the strongest of terms by people of goodwill throughout our community.

In response, please read and consider adding your voice of support for diversity in our community and against racism, bigotry and hate by signing the  CLT 2019 Unity Letter.

The CLT 2019 Unity Letter is open for anyone to sign until noon on Wednesday, September 4.  This letter and all signers will be published in area news outlets. Please check the website for publication updates.

We can respond together.  Please share the CLT 2019 Unity Letter website with your neighbors, colleagues, friends and loved ones.

Sign the CLT 2019 Unity Letter

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More than a march… it’s a movement.

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