MAP (Migrant Assistance Project)

How can I help? Many of you asked this question after the Trump V. Immigration discussion last week. If you are so inclined we are passing along one small link to a local group that has been assisting the asylum seekers as they pass through Charlotte.

Check the CWM website for more information about the recent meeting and immigration history in the US. If you would like more information email Stephanie here.

Migrant Assistance Project:
Migrant Assistance Project is a grassroots volunteer group providing food, toiletries, and information to asylum-seeking Central American migrants recently released from detention centers in Texas. The migrants travel by bus to family or friends along the East Coast. They stop in Charlotte for a brief layover often with nothing more than the clothes on their back. That’s where MAP steps in to provide a warm welcome and  resources to those migrants staying in Charlotte. MAP also attempts to educate the local community about the plight of our migrant brothers and sisters and build understanding and compassion for what they have had to endure and the reason they are seeking asylum in the U.S.

MAP has served over 10,000 migrants since January, 2019.

You can support the work by helping to provide needed items via our Amazon Wish List.Your items will be sent to a MAP organizer and distributed to a serving team.

Additional ways to help:

  • Advocate for more visas, for stabilization in programs, for immigration reform.

  • Speak out against ICE raids, private prisons, policies at the border and support our Sheriff!

  • Continue your own education – why is the fastest growing group of immigrants from Asia?

  • Invite others (neighbors, family, faith members) to know more.

  • Donate to Comunidad Colectiva and become a certified ally. You can find out more about Comunidad Colectiva on their Facebook Page or email them here.


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3 thoughts on “MAP (Migrant Assistance Project)”

  1. Hi-

    I tried to order a number of items on the Amazon Wish list for migrants passing through Charlotte, but there isn’t a shipping address available. My Amazon shopping cart kept insisting that the delivery is sent to my home address. I’d love to donate, but I need a valid shipping address. Please provide one asap.


    Lily Iatridis ________________________________

  2. Stephanie Fielder

    Thanks for offering to help. When you get to your shopping cart you will see Marsha Kelly comes up as an address for you to ship to (it will say gift registry). Her address is hidden but amazon will ship directly to her. Hope that helps.

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