A Letter to our Representatives

CWM joins other organizations in a letter to our NC Representatives and Senators, urging them to expand Medicaid eligibility to all NC residents with incomes at or below the 138% poverty level.

April 26, 2019

Representative Grier Martin
North Carolina House of Representatives

Re: Ensuring Access to Care in North Carolina

Dear Representative Martin,

Thank you for taking a moment to consider an important health coverage issue affecting individuals and families across North Carolina.

On behalf of those served by the organizations listed below, we urge you to expand Medicaid eligibility to all North Carolina residents with incomes at or below 138 percent of the federal poverty level as allowed under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). As organizations that care about the health of the people of North Carolina, we are certain that you understand that Medicaid would be a lifeline to the more than 400,000 who would benefit from the expansion.

For low income uninsured people in our state Medicaid can provide a way out of the cycle of illness and poverty. Critical improvements are needed in the areas of infant mortality, obesity, diabetes and stroke prevention. Without health coverage people living with physical or mental illness often delay treatment until a condition reaches a crisis leading to costly interventional care. Due to a lack of insurance, many avoid preventive care or early treatments until they can no longer function effectively, creating a further drain on the economy.

Expanding access to Medicaid will not only save lives, it will also add to the economic health of
our state by drawing in new federal dollars and creating health sector jobs in our local
communities. It also protects thousands of existing healthcare jobs and many rural hospitals that might be jeopardized without Medicaid Expansion.

Only you can help break the pattern that positions North Carolina as one of the unfortunate leaders in the nation for the worst general health. Please consider making the right decision for our state. Medicaid Expansion will give people the opportunity to restore their lives and will strengthen our economy.


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