Airing Out The Dirty Laundry at WUM

Stop By Our Table!
Airing Out the Dirty Laundry Project
Women United March
January 26

Behind every sign is a story, and we all have a story to tell.  Airing Out The “Dirty” Laundry and Women United March invite you to stop by our table at the Women United March on January 26, 2019 at First Ward Park and take a photo of yourself with your poster at our #WomensVoicesWomensStories hashtag sign; then, share your photo and your story on social media.

We are interested in — Why are you here? Where are you from? What story do you have to tell? What woman or women in your life have a story to tell? What woman has inspired you to seek change?

We hope to collect any posters that you have created for future historical or artistic installations if you care to archive them with us. And we encourage you to follow #WomensVoicesWomensStories in social media as we share our digital stories with our community. Not only is there power in our individual stories but there is the combined power of our collective story. And we hope you will be a part of that story.

To learn more about Andrea Downs, the artist who created this project visit her website at .

In addition, check out the following PeopleofCharlotte article by Mai-Lis Bahr.  It provides a bit of insight into how this project has developed over the past 2 years:

andrea downs
Andrea Downs

People of Charlotte, meet Andrea, Founder of Airing Out the “Dirty” Laundry, a collaborative, pop-up art exhibit of women’s stories. Through ongoing exhibits of visual narratives, women are given a space to unite through storytelling while building community. Andrea states, “There is nothing “dirty” about these stories, but we have been told by people and our culture that some people do not want to hear them.” Not anymore…


When did you realize that you had to “air out the dirty laundry?

When I was in 8th grade, my English teacher encouraged me to write an opinion column for the school magazine. The column addressed the racial tension that was prevalent among my peers at my school in Westerville, OH. This was the first time that I used my voice and my privilege to affect positive change.

Fast forward to the first Charlotte Women’s March where the experience of marching with my then 9-year-old daughter, Bronwyn, gave me the courage to conceptualize this participatory project. I chose to become an activist that day, surrounded by and united with women across the globe who believe in equality and in our shared responsibility to create a more just world.  (For remainder of PeopleofCharlotte story, click here.)

Join us at the Women United March January 26th!

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More than a march… it’s a movement.

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