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Time’s cover story is all about “The Wave Makers: How the Outraged Got Organized.”  And there looking back at us from a two page spread (pp.22-23) is Waxhaw-based Carolyn Eberly and her Indivisible NC 9 cohorts who “have been knocking on doors since February.”  It is a story of “Boots on the Ground “ that takes the reader “inside the grassroots movement to help Democrats take back congress.”

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Carolyn Eberly, center, and her Indivisible group have been knocking on doors since February. Photograph by Dina Litovsky for Time

While the article chronicles the work of a number of similar groups throughout the country, it is Eberly’s post 2016 election epiphany that cements the narrative.  It tells about how she attended that first Charlotte Women’s March then started reading on-line articles when she spotted a Facebook post by a local woman to organize a letter writing party.  Since Eberly was unable to attend that event, the woman encouraged her to start her own effort.

Eberly typed up an invitation.  Just before she posted it on Facebook, she paused. “You ever have a premonition? Where you think, ‘This could change my life’?”

The article chronicles the group’s link to Indivisible, their “deep canvassing” that included door-to-door work before McCready and Harris were the candidates, and their current efforts.  Women who were drawn into the group were regular voters “who paid sporadic attention to politics.” To say that has changed would be an understatement.

Time recaps the efforts of Black Voters Matter, NextGen, Jolt, New Georgia Project, Vote Goat, Woke Vote, Color of Change, and Swing Left– demonstrating both the demographic range and the varying political views of these groups.  The article closes with Eberly announcing her 2020 target.

Buy the Oct. 29 Time magazine or read it on-line to learn more about these grassroots efforts, many being led by women.  Charlotte Women’s March is proud to know Carolyn Eberly and her group and pleased they have received the national recognition they deserve.  Thank you, Charlotte Alter, for an excellent article.

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