Month: October 2018

Bonds Conclude City and Town Residents’ Ballots

by Mary Hopper Every two years or so, the City of Charlotte places various bond issues on the ballot to pay for needs identified by a combination of staff, City Council and citizen input. Once City staff helps compile and cost out the list (, they remain neutral, leaving funding for, and the running of, …

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Meck Soil and Water Conservation Candidates

by Mary Hopper Six are vying for the two non-partisan slots as Mecklenburg Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors.  Barbara Bleiweis has a real passion for protecting our threatened urban farmland including the 237 farms that remain in our county. Nancy Carter was an effective City Council representative for Charlotte’s eastside and is particularly attuned …

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Remember to VOTE on Nov 6 Don’t know who to vote for?  Don’t know who’s on your ballot?  Don’t understand the proposed constitutional amendments? Compare Candidate Statements and Find Early Voting and Election Day Information With the Vote411 .org Nonpartisan Voter Guide. Sponsored by The League of Women Voters of Charlotte Mecklenburg #CharlotteWomensMarch #Vote411 #LeagueOfWomenVoters

Protect Immigrant Families Today

Proposed Changes Will Hurt Families, Communities Last week, the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published for public comment proposed changes to the “public charge” rules that will effectively overhaul our nation’s immigration system to restrict immigration access based on income. The proposed rules target immigrants legally seeking permanent resident status in the U.S. …

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NC’s Unnecessary Constitutional Amendments

by Brian O’Leary and Vennie Bobis There are six proposed amendments to the  Constitution of the State of North Carolina that will be on the ballot during the election this November 6th. Unlike some other states, North Carolina does not frequently amend its constitution. The last amendments were the 2012 amendment to ban gay marriage, which was later …

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Fair Maps – End Gerrymandering

Common Cause NC joins our partners in the nonpartisan NC Coalition for Lobbying & Government Reform to ask all candidates for the NC General Assembly if they pledge to support the creation of an independent, nonpartisan redistricting process for congressional and legislative districts in the upcoming 2019 legislative session. And we’ve just published the results online at …

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How To Be An Educated Voter

by Mary Hopper From heated congressional races to soil commissioners, there are a lot of candidates that will need your consideration in upcoming November local and statewide elections.  And just to add to the energy you need to put into educating yourself, there are six NC constitutional amendments and, for those of us inside Charlotte, …

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Pay Extra Attention to Mecklenburg’s 18 Legislative Races

by Mary Hopper As you see the rushed decisions and their far reaching, and sometimes unintended, consequences being generated in Raleigh, we hope you have allowed some time to educate yourself on the state legislative races that will be decided on November 6. Even better, we hope you are contributing time and money to your …

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