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The CWM organization received the following letter from a first time political candidate:

Dear CWM staff:

I want to participate in the CWM organization but I teach classes at CPCC (sociology) in the evenings and can’t attend most evening meetings. 


I want to tell you 2 stories.  I have 3 daughters (15-19) and I brought them and 2 of their girlfriends (9 and 18) with our signs and flags to the women’s march in January.  We had the time of our lives.  First, I was inspired to go ahead and file to run for NC Senate (39).  I’ve been contemplating it for over a year and felt that the women’s march speakers were calling to me as they asked women to run for office. It was a pivot moment for me.  Second, the 9 and 18 year old guests we brought said that it was the first march they had ever attended and then simultaneously they said, “And I’m coming back next year”.  We had a great laugh because we all were so inspired that we understood their enthusiasm. 


Thank you for all your hard work.  You have impacted so many of us and no one more than me.  When I’m sitting at the legislative table in Raleigh I hope to be the voice of women around the state and will continue to promote the women’s march.  I told my friends I’m hiring a bus next year and picking them all up and we are going together.


Ann Harlan

Ann Harlan
Ann Harlan







Ann Harlan Campaign Flyer

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