Hear our Voices and VOTE

What happens when a graphic designer, an investment banker, and a psychotherapist get fired up about the upcoming midterm elections?

“How can we get the word out to VOTE in the upcoming midterm elections on May 8th?” From that question which arose at the March 27 of the Charlotte’s Women’s March meeting was born the social media campaign which pairs evocative images and quotations from women in positions of leadership. The campaign came together thanks to the talents, abilities and passion of three CWM members. Hillary Lacher, (graphic designer) found and formatted powerful images with the quotations mined by Vennie Bobis, (psychotherapist), who then sent them to Justine Toobin, (investment banker), who posted the images on Facebook and Instagram. Justine attached hashtags to further increase our reach and potent postings to remind people the power of their votes, and to firmly plant the May 8th date/deadline for voting front and center in consciousness.
And now we need your help! We need to get the word out to a wider audience, we need to PUSH this campaign harder, the midterms are upon us!To do that we need people to comment, retweet and repost on Instagram and share on Facebook to their friends.


It’s not enough to like (though we love the “likes”) …likes don’t gain anything really in furthering awareness. So if you are motivated to change the current political leadership, pushing this social media campaign is one of the easiest things you can do…..but our members have to engage especially by commenting. 


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More than a march… it’s a movement





4 thoughts on “Hear our Voices and VOTE”

  1. The idea is to comment on Facebook and Instagram posts that speak to you. Or on Facebook if you share to your personal page, this will increase the reach of the GOTV message. This is similar to retweeting on Twitter. This is how we build a BLUE Wave. #powertothepolls

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