Immigration News 3.19.18

Action, Education and Engagement

 Dreamers Deferred

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling on DACA renders the March 5th program end date irrelevant … which further stymies Congressional action … leaving the futures of 700,000 DACA recipients in limbo.  The date that sticks, however, is the March 19 termination of Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for people from Haiti and El Salvador.

Your representatives in the House of Representatives and Senate need to hear from you! Tell Congress to protect DACA and TPS families by passing a clean Dream Act and extending protections for those fleeing Central American violence.

Walls We Do Not See

Check out this excellent series by PRI. Its focus is on the walls we don’t see – invisible, non-physical barriers like visa limitations, no-fly lists and onerously complex travel and immigration programs.

While the walls we do not see receive far less attention than the border wall President Trump brags about, they can be tougher to breach than concrete slabs.  PRI tells the stories of people who come up against these walls and either defeat them or are stopped in their tracks.

In particular, take a few minutes to try the interactive immigrant experiences. See how a single decision can affect your citizenship status – and your future – in profound ways 

Do You Think National Identity Is Made Up?

Check out this New York Times video

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More than a march… it’s a movement.

#WallsWeDoNotSee #DACA


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