Airing Out the Dirty Laundry

Dear Beautiful, Smart, Strong Women:

You are invited to SAY IT, SEW IT, and AIR IT OUT.

Dirty Laundry Clothes Line


Airing Out the Dirty Laundry is an ongoing, collaborative traveling art exhibit created by women who believe in equality and in our shared responsibility to create a more just world.

It is about strength, unity, and resistance of oppression, injustice and exclusion. All women who believe in this purpose are invited to participate by creating a piece of “dirty laundry.”

Dirty laundry is a visual representation of our stories. The strength, beauty, meaning, and power of the collective work is created by the diversity and intersectionality reflected in these stories, which are joined together on a Dirty Laundry Clothes Line2clothesline.  The paper or fabric that is sewn over each piece of dirty laundry flows freely and is lifted (either by a hand or the wind) to invite, encourage, and continue dialog and conversations about our experiences as women.

Dirty Laundry Art PieceAOTDL is about revealing untold or hidden ideas, opinions, stories, and beliefs and it’s about the beauty and unity that is unveiled when these are joined together on a clothesline.  It’s about valuing and protecting and emphasizing individual stories.There is nothing “dirty” about these stories, but we have been told by people and our culture that some people do not want to hear them.Dirty Laundry Art Piece2

Cis Women, Trans Women, Trans-femme and Non-binary Folx are welcome to join our community and create work that will be part of this exhibit.

Click here for the link to the FB page for the ongoing exhibit, which includes more detailed information and videos about how women can participate.  For more information or questions, send an email to Andrea Downs .

These are the exhibits that are planned so far:
• AOTDL will be an active art installation at the Uptown Crawl on Thursday March 22nd from 6-9pm. If the weather is nice, we will be outside on the Plaza at Spirit Square and just inside the Knight Gallery if it is raining. Women will be invited to participate and create a piece of dirty laundry that evening, view the exhibit, and receive more information about how they can participate at a later date and have their work be a part of future exhibits.
• AOTDL will be installed at BOOM Festival in Plaza Midwood April 20th-22nd.
• AOTDL will have an opening reception at C3 Lab on Friday June 1st as a part of the Historic South End Gallery Crawl.
• and…my hope is that this is ongoing so as events are planned, they will be posted on the FB page

Dirty Laundry

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More than a march… it’s a movement.

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