Bystander or Change-Maker?

Will you be a Bystander or Change-Maker?

Did you march last year thinking it was a one-time event? A boisterous, happy, peaceful event that made friends out of strangers and gave you hope?

Most of us marched in 2017 hoping that our political system would correct itself. But then we saw the new Administration’s growing disregard of human rights, its attacks on the press, and the dismissal of regulations intended to protect our freedoms, rights, welfare, environment, and more.

Did you march again this year?

Will you march again next year and for as long as it takes to bring about changes that will benefit you and your community and the nation at large?

That is why the Charlotte Women’s March organization continues to work for justice and equality, and why we march for those who cannot march for themselves.

But the reality is this: the extent of what we can achieve depends on the extent of the help you can give. Like any volunteer organization, we need time, talent, and funds. We need the help of passionately talented and committed volunteers like you. And we need donations from committed people like you.

If you believe being a bystander is not an option, here are four suggestions of  things you can do to make a difference:

4. VOLUNTEER NOW to monitor immigration court sessions to help ensure the fair treatment of immigrants appearing there. 

3. VOLUNTEER NOW to escort women who have to fight hostility just to receive health care at area clinics. 

2. Click HERE to volunteer to register voters.


We are asking only for whatever you are able to give — just a few hours of your time at a single event or a small financial contribution. One way or another, you can be certain that your talent, time and money will not be wasted.

Together, we can make this a better community, a better state, a better country and a better world. One way or another, we will survive the current political discord.

The question is: do you want to be a bystander or an active participant? 

For information on volunteer opportunities, hover over the Events and Groups tab on this website and click on a committee of interest… see what we’re up to, and join us!

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