March for LGBTQ Rights

The Charlotte Women’s March organization is fully committed to equal rights for all transgender people. In fact, there is a working group devoted to addressing issues involving LGBTQ individuals. Our position is that everyone is hurt when any marginalized group is targeted in the political or cultural cross hairs.

Transgender men and women are too often targeted with misplaced fear as shameful, as perverted, as pedophiles, or as bathroom predators. In reality, they face very real dangers of being victimized each and every day. These individuals whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond to their birth sex are at a much higher risk of depression and suicide than the general population.

Thousands of American citizens who have transitioned or who are transitioning are serving honorably in our armed forces. Their  importance in the military has been underscored by most leaders of our armed services.

We welcome the recent efforts by the CMS Board and staff leaders to strengthen understanding, tolerance and safety for our transgender students.

When fear, ignorance or political calculus stigmatizes these fellow Americans, they are robbed of their equal rights and all of us are diminished.

If you are intersted in joning our committee as an advocate or volunteer, please contact

Janey Corey Chair, LGBTQ Committee of the Charlotte Women’s March

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More than a march… it’s a movement.


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