More than a March, It’s a Movement

Last month’s anniversary of the Women’s March on Charlotte afforded us the opportunity to reflect on who we are, why we march, and what we want to accomplish.

YouTube Video of Remarchable Women 2018

We get asked this question a LOT, and it’s an important one. Each of us has our own reasons, but one single message emerged from all of the speakers at RemarchableWomen 2018, “We can only make change at the polls!”

CWM supports the national initiative of a wide variety of activist groups of all genders and political leanings.  We can create the change we want to see by electing new leaders and government officials in Charlotte, across the state of North Carolina, and in our national Congress.

In addition to a focus on #powertothepolls in 2018, the Charlotte Women’s March Organization is comprised of a variety of special interest groups. To learn more about each of these CWM committes, the women who lead them, the actions they have taken over the past year, and, more importantly, where you can plug in, please check out the links below:


Thank you to #mattsdr for the featured image photo and #photosbyPike for the sign photo. If you want to do more than “rant on Facebook” we encourage you to reach out to these committees and show up and participate.

To learn more about CWM events, check the calendar, subscribe to our emails, and follow our website.

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More than a march… it’s a movement.

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