March for Women’s Health

Join the CWM Women’s Health Committee

Jane McDermott Shaefer and Mickie Hall are co-chairs of the Women’s Health Committee.  The overarching committee purpose is to support women’s health, specific activities include:

  • Promote reproductive rights, through legislative action on bills at federal and state level;
  • Identification and dissemination of volunteer activities;
  • Support and develop candidates for public office.

Quarterly meeting provides information on women’s issues, activities, and relevant organizations with regular email updates of action items and activities.

Selected activities last year:

  • Support rights of Charlotte women to reproductive choice.  Due to protests at abortion clinics, committee is collaborating with the Feminist Majority Foundation who provides training for legal observers.
  • Inform members about NC legislation and strategies to take action
  • Promote and inform about single payor/Medicare for all because it is the most cost-effective approach for business and consumers for health care. (
  • Discuss strategies to educate and inform our legislators about issues surrounding women’s health.
  • Provide access to information and legislators online

5 Calls jpgKeep track of legislative issues with 5 Calls.  You can use as an app on your phone or online (  5 Calls provides phone numbers and scripts for specific legislative issues.  It uses your location to find your local representatives and provides the phone numbers.  5 Calls app is available at the on Google Play and Apple app store.

Planned Parenthood jpgGet text alerts from Planned Parenthood:  Text “Stand” to 22422; You can text STOP to quit anytime, or HELP for more info. Data and standard message rates apply.

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American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) encourages everyone to advocate for women’s health; visit to take action TODAY.


If you would like to work locally to protect women and their right to make their own health choices, please join our CWM mailing list by clicking here, then check Women’s Health (including Reproductive Freedom) as your area of interest.  Or, email Mickie and Jane by clicking here.

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Drs Mickie Hall and Jane McDermott Shaefer

Mickie Hall, who was heavily involved in the planning for Remarchable Women 2018 reflected, “It was reassuring to know that thousands of women and men feel as strongly as I do about the dangers of this administration. The strong women speakers restored my faith in Charlotte and America!”

Jane McDermott Shaefer, coordinator of speakers for Remarchable Women 2018, states, “We each have the power to change our political climate by taking action and making our voices heard; we have the power for good.”

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More than a march… it’s a movement.

 #TimesUp #reprorights #HandsOffMyBC #IstandwithPlannedParenthood  #WeWontGoBack #HealthcareJusticeNC #MedicareForAll




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