Voting Resource

Inspired by the 2018 Women’s Marches which focused on taking women’s “power to the polls,” we are pleased to announce an all-new woman-focused voting resource now available to order in larger quantities and distribute in your community. Check out a preview of the postcard here.

Click here to order your “Women Vote in 2018” postcards for distribution.

This women-centric resource — provided FREE by Democracy North Carolina — features important information about this year’s justice elections, including election dates and key races you may see on your ballot in 2018. This non-partisan piece is ideal for distributing at events, community centers, faith centers, campuses — or anywhere women are who are excited to vote!

Beginning February 5, 2018, postcards should arrive a few days after you submit your order. Please let us know what quantity is useful for you to distribute — whether 100, 200, or even a pack of 500 or more.

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