March for Social Justice

#PowertothePolls… what does that mean for the
Charlotte Women’s March Social Justice Committee in 2018?

Kay Etheridge and Laura Meier, Co-Chairs of CWM’s Social Justice Committee, will continue building relationships in the community in order to have a diverse force behind this year’s mission of “Power to the Polls.”  They are collaborating with several groups to get voters engaged and get more women elected. “We are committed to finding ways to enable equal opportunity for more of our neighbors.”

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For Laura, working locally to build community relationships is important and vital to promoting social justice.  She believes the March on Charlotte, and around the world, was a needed spark, firing up interest to work for candidates in the 2018 Midterm elections. “We are galvanized to action with our boots on the ground, looking to success in November.”


Kay was energized by the 2017 Women’s March and even more so by 2018’s RemarchableWomen. “Marching with friends in DC in 2017, and then again in Charlotte this year with three generations of my family, were impactful times for me. As a result, I have many new relationships with friends who devote their energy and time to things I care deeply about. This year’s huge turnout is significant and shows how important it is to march together. It is transformative, and I feel empowered by the solidarity.”


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Would you like to join the effort and be involved in local activities with the members of the Charlotte Women’s March orgainization? Do you have opportunities for CWM to engage with your community? Do you have ideas for building bridges and connections?UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_45e7



Email Laura Meier, co-chair of the Social Justice Committee with your ideas. If you would like to be on our member email list to learn about all of our activities, click on the Sign-Up button.





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More than a march… it’s a movement

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