RemarchableWomen–We’re in the News!

Everyone is talking about RemarchableWomen and we couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’d like to see if you or your sign made the news follow these links:


WCNC showed up and reported on our march in this story: ‘Remarchable’ women’s march draws crowds to uptown Charlotte. Click here.




WFAE did interviews and stories: 2017 Women’s Marches Inspired A Movement In Charlotte on January 18, click here. And WFAE did a follow up story on January 24, with guests, Jan Anderson, president and coordinator of the Charlotte Women’s March, Braxton Winston,  Charlotte City Council Member, Judy Schindler , professor of philosophy and religion, Queens University, and contributor to the Charlotte Observer and Farah Stockman, reporter, New York Times. Click here to listen.



The Charlotte Observer600x300

Videos on the Charlotte Observer website include:

  • Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles: Lets do it on January 20 click here
  • Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles and marchers sing: We Shall Overcome on January 20 click here

  • Huge crowds at Charlotte Women’s March 2018 click here

  • Thousands take to the streets for the Women’s March in Charlotte click here

  • Charlotte Women’s March participants talk about their signs click here

  • In Charlotte, thousands of women marched. That was only the beginning. video of Jan Anderson on January 19, click here


Can’t tell if Charlotte made this MSNBC video, but you’ll enjoy watching to see if you can find us. Click here.

The Herald,  York County residents set to join women’s march Saturday in Charlotte, click here.


The Charlotte Post, Gender on agenda with second annual women’s march on Charlotte, Procession brings attention to issues, disparities, click here.

QCity-Metro had a question for us…please read and see if you agree…Where were all the black women at the Charlotte Women’s March? click here. Sounds like it depends on where you come from or where you were standing, as to what you saw. But from CWM’s perspective, we WANT to have this discussion. We WANT to talk to everyone and include everyone. So if you desire to be included, please reach out via this website or directly via our email to continue this dialogue. It’s important for everyone in our community… of every color, culture or gender to talk to each other. That’s what Charlotte Women’s March seeks to be about.

Creative Loafing featured CWM on January 20, Women’s March Returns to the Streets. To read more click here.

Have you seen coverage of RemarchableWomen that we’ve missed. Please let us know in the comments below.

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