Why Caroline Marches

Today I March…

Today I march for you and today I march for me
I march for all the things that our country should be.
For my love of democracy and my desire for freedom,
that means freedom for all, not just freedom for some.
Today I march for water, earth and air,
for science, for facts, for which we all should care.
I march for all immigrants, for we all hear their call,
for the same opportunities, not some ridiculous wall.
Today I march for healthcare and will continue to fight,
for access to care should be a basic human right.
I march for the indigenous and protecting their land,
and respecting their history by taking a stand.
Today I march for my husband, a proud black man,
and all those of color who’ve felt they were less than.
I march for my children so they know that their race,
will never contribute to determining their place.
Today I march for LGBTQ, the veterans, the disabled,
the marginalized groups whose needs have been tabled.
I march for the poor and the disappearing middle class,
whose needs are of little concern to a rich, selfish ass.
Today I march for students, teachers and education,
for a public system that is the cornerstone of our nation.
I march for equality and wages on which one can live,
and not accusing the impoverished of abusing what we give.
Today I march for women who all need to feel,
that the grabbing of their pussy is not part of the deal.
I march for my daughter so she has every opportunity,
to know her value, her beauty and achieve all she can be.
Today I march for me and I march for you,
I march out of love for the red, white and blue.
I march so that I am not paralyzed by fear,
and I stand with you today because we must persevere.
Today I march for America, my beloved nation,
and the rights and the liberties that are its foundation.
I march for me and I march for you,
and I will march every day until we see this through.
Caroline L. Walker, 1/20/17

To see a vide of Caroline’s poem visit YouTube

Join us Saturday, January 20, 2018 for Remarchable Women, on the Anniversary of the Women’s March.
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