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Check out the photo gallery from Charlotte’s December Celebration of Women Elected to Office Gala, co-sponsored by Charlotte Women’s March and Black Women’s Caucus.  Read more (below gallery) on how to Join the Crowd!

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Photos by Canady Media Group

To stay connected and keep the momentum going, the members of The Charlotte Women’s March invite you to join us as we work to achieve equality for all people, and advocate for change in policies that affect critical areas such as health care, women’s rights, environmental quality, LGBT rights, immigration, education … and many others.

Join the women and men who participated in the worldwide Women’s March last January 21, and who saw the need to build grass roots efforts to help secure the election of federal, state and local officials who will work for the benefit of all constituents and not merely the privileged few.

Join us and reap the benefits of working with dedicated, lively, diverse, and interesting people.

Join us and know that, with your help and our growing strength in numbers, change will happen.

There are no membership dues, but members are encouraged to donate. Although not tax-deductible, your donation of $10-20 can help us fulfill our transformational work for the coming year. Charlotte Women’s March is an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association formed pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 59B of the North Carolina General Statutes.Your donation today will make a difference tomorrow!
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Join us Saturday, January 20 for Remarchable Women, on the Anniversary of the Women’s March.
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