Flippin’ The 9th!

Indivisible NC District 9 is hosting a training session at our next monthly meeting.

As canvassing will play a large part in flipping the district, training for effective and efficient deep canvassing is one of our first steps. We are very pleased to announce that Leslie Lomax Boyd will be giving a presentation on “Active Listening” skills with hands-on training. Active listening is a great skill for success in all aspects of life. It is also a critical tool needed for gathering useful voter information in a deep canvass.

Also, as part of our monthly meeting we will be sharing other District 9 efforts, projects and candidate news as related to the Indivisible NC District 9 group and ‘Flipping the 9th’.

Please plan to attend!

When: Sunday October 22nd, 3-4:30pm

Where: CHS Waxhaw Hospital, 2700 Providence Rd. S., Waxhaw,                              Community Room (entrance in rear of building)

Why?: Because we all want to Flip the 9th Congressional District!😎



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