NCGA Special Session: What You Need to Know

This Friday, August 18, state lawmakers will begin a special session with the sole purpose of redistricting and redrawing North Carolina’s legislative maps. After a series of state and federal court rulings, the NCGA must redraw 28 legislative districts (nine Senate, 19 House) that were found to be unconstitutionally and racially gerrymandered from maps drawn in 2011.

Here’s a look at the timeline of gerrymandered legislative districts in North Carolina.

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic strongly believes that civil rights are inextricably linked to reproductive rights, and any gerrymandered districts — no matter where you live —  affects us all. The people most affected by voter suppression are the same people we see in our health centers every day, and we will continue to stand up for and fight alongside them.


It is critical to learn about and understand your voting rightswho represents you (on a local, state and federal level) and how you can register to vote in order to participate in elections. Until August 18, members of the joint legislative redistricting committee will hold public hearings about the mapmaking process. You can attend public hearings and ask your legislators questions about your district, as well as learn more about the redistricting process here.


At Planned Parenthood we know that fighting for health care equity is just one battle in the fight for economic, racial and gender equity. Progressive Partners highlights organizations in our community working toward a more equitable future for all people.

Our partner Democracy North Carolina works to educate, train and mobilize North Carolinians to protect our state’s democracy and inform citizens about what it means for democracy to benefit everyone — not just a few. In the fight for redistricting reform, Democracy NC has been the leading force — and voice — in demanding that our state lawmakers show fair maps and stop the scheme of voter suppression.

Learn more about Democracy NC here, and follow them on Twitter here.


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