Expose Fake Clinics

CPCs target poor, underserved women.

This year the NC General Assembly has budgeted more money, $1.3 million, for the so-called crisis pregnancy centers (CPC).    CPCs have been around since the 1970’s as a key part of the effort to end access to abortion. The information included in this posting is from NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina

NARAL has partnered with national reproductive freedom fighters Lady Parts Justice (LPJ) to designate this week a Week of Action to expose the deceptive and harmful practices of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs, or pregnancy resource centers as some call themselves)! Here’s how you can join us:

  • Go to the Lady Parts Justice “Expose Fake Clinics” website to see CPC reports, maps and information on actual all-options resources. (Although it is featured on the LPJ site, you can also find the North Carolina-specific info, resources and maps directly on our site).
  • Check out the LPJ options for taking action – rate a CPC on Yelp! that you’ve had an experience with (including if you’ve interacted with them outside of an abortion clinic); boost Yelp! reviewsthat alert people to what CPCs really are; and make a plan to bring more attention to the true nature of CPCs. There are lots of great options and ideas on the LPJ site.
  • Share this LPJ videowith your friends, family and social media community!
  • Speaking of social media (#ExposeFakeClinics)

And remember, this effort won’t end after just a week.   North Carolinians deserve better than funneling needed tax dollars to ideologically-driven sham clinics. Add your voice to our campaign!  Call your NC legislator and object to funding CPCs.



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