Immigration: Help Make a Difference

In response to the high number of deportations coming from the Charlotte Immigration Courts, when compared to the rest of the nation, the ACLU Charlotte chapter has begun training volunteers to serve as local court observers in Charlotte’s Immigration Court. Charlotte only grants asylum in 25% of the cases while in NYC asylum is granted on average 79% of the time.  The hope: the presence of citizen observers will foster fairness and consistency in the courtrooms.

Volunteers will:

  • Receive hands-on training about immigration court proceedings
  • Experience our justice system in action
  • Gain perspective on the needs of our local immigrant communities
  • Help immigrants in Charlotte and the surrounding area have a more consistent court experience.

Observers provide much-needed community oversight in cases involving unrepresented respondents, particularly for minors and non-English speakers. To sign up to receive information on the next training events click here. If the date does not work for you choose Option 3 and they will send you information about future training.


Tuesday, July 25th, 6:00pm

St. Peter’s Episcopal (Uptown)

Help make a difference in our community.


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