Call Your Senators!

Tell them: “I don’t like Trumpcare.”

Trumpcare can be stopped if three Republican Senators stand up and say NO. You can make this happen by calling NC Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis ASAP (or if you live in SC: Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott) and let them know that we do not like the Senate version of Trumpcare any better than the House version. They keep track of the call volume. Contact information is available below.

If passed this bill would:

  • Cut the overall CDC budget by 12%. This would include a 40% budget cut to the vaccine budget (i.e., Prevention & Public Health Fund)!
  • Gut Medicaid. At least 14 million Americans would lose their Medicaid coverage over time. Note: Less than 60% of nursing home residents depend on Medicaid, and 44% of Medicaid population are kids under 18.
  • Defund Planned Parenthood for 1 year. This targets preventative care as no federal funds are used for abortion. 2.5 million depend on PP for preventative care such as pap tests. In addition, it is estimated that 15% of low-income women in rural areas will not have access to contraception care.
  • Decrease recovery time for new mothers. The Medicaid work requirement would mean some new mothers have to be back to work in 60 days or lose their Medicaid coverage.
  • Deny access to abortion. Prevents people from using tax credits to buy insurance plans that cover abortion. Therefore many private insurers will drop abortion coverage.
  • Increase the cost of healthcare. 20 million people are expected to lose their health insurance if the bill passes. They will use the ER as an alternative for healthcare, and this will drive up cost for those with private insurance.
  • Turn over decisions about health services to the states. The Affordable Healthcare Act required all plans to cover essential health services, including maternity care and contraception. Instead of broad protection for these services, Trumpcare would let the states determine what is essential, and that would have terrible repercussions for women living in some states.
  • Increase the cost of healthcare for those with pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions are supposed to be covered in high risk pools run by each state; however, the funding provided does not appear to be adequate.

Shift access to subsidies. Instead of subsidies based on income (ACA), the GOP plan would provide tax credits based on age. There would be no assistance to those making less than $30K or more than $75K.

   Numbers to Call   
US Senate NC
Richard Burr
202/224-3154 and 800/685-8916
Thom Tillis
202/224-6342 and 704/509-9087

US Senate SC 
Lindsey Graham
202/224-5972 and 804/250-1417
Tim Scott
202/224-6121 and 864/233-5366

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this is NOT the new normal!



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