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Charlotte Women’s March:
Contribute One, Get One Challenge
for Lillian’s List

Many of us in the Charlotte Women’s March (CWM) know the exemplary work of Lillian’s List to recruit, train and support North Carolina’s progressive women candidates. This work is now expanding to include women who want to run in local elections.

Additional funding is needed, so Marsha Ford and Heloise Merrill, co-chairs of the Candidate & Votes committee, are issuing a Matching Contribution Challenge. Money generated will be used specifically to support Lillian’s List recruiting and training strategies.

Here’s how it works:

  • Marsha has already contributed $1,000.
  • Between now and July 31, every $1 contributed by you up to $1000 will be matched by Heloise, for a total of $2000
  • The next $2000 contributed by you will be matched 50 cents per $1 by Marsha & Heloise, for a total of $3000
  • Thus a contribution of $3,000 from CWM plus matching funds can equal a total contribution up to $6000!

To contribute:

  • Please go to the special link that Lillian’s List has created for us,, and be as generous as you can. (Ignore the “ticket” request, simply choose the amount you want to give.  There is an option near the bottom to give an amount not already listed.)


  • Checks can be mailed to Lillian’s List, ATTN: Laura Tormey, 3117 Poplarwood Ct., Suite #130, Raleigh, NC 27604. Write “CWM Matching Challenge” on the check.

We build our future one candidate at a time, one vote at a time. 
Please contribute today.

For more information about Lillian’s List,  go to at

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