Legislative Calls Week 6.19

With all of the focus on Russia/campaign investigations, along with the tragic shooting of Republican Representatives in Alexandria VA, little seems to be getting done in Congress EXCEPT that the Senate is still working in secret on their version of a health care bill with a goal of passing it before the July recess.

Our request is the same as last week: Call again. And  if you didn’t call last week, call now. Tell your Senators: “No hearings, no vote.”  It is unacceptable for them to pass a bill without public comment or a score from the Congressional Budget Office. 

Sen. Mitch McConnell is trying to find 50 votes for a Senate “Repeal and Replace” healthcare bill. It is crucial that we demand that their bill be shared with the American people first.  We must ensure that key components of the Affordable Care Act, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions without the ability of states to “opt out” remain the law in our country.  North Carolina is one of the states expected to be most hurt by cuts to Medicaid and possible exclusion of key coverage items by our General Assembly.

NC Senators:

Thom Tillis (202-224-6342 and 704-509-9087)

Richard Burr (202-224-3154 and 800-685-8916)

SC Senators:

Lindsey Graham (202-224-5972 and 804-250-1417)

Tim Scott (202-224-6121 and 864-233-5366)

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