The AHCA, which passed the House on May 4 with a vote of 217-213, was scored by the Congressional Budget Office on Wedneday. (It had not been transmitted from the House to the Senate because it had not been scored by the CBO.)  The bill will leave 23 million people uninsured.

We must call our senators and representatives now to let them know that we still do not like this bill.   We have communicated the major problems with this bill.  Cuts in Medicaid will result in much higher costs for the poor, disabled and elderly or no insurance while providing a huge tax break to individuals making more than $200,000.  It also discriminates against as many as 7 million American veterans by making them ineligible to receive tax credits provided in the bill.

TAKE ACTION:  Before they act, the Senate is watching the volume of calls and emails that representatives are receiving. Please contact your Senator and tell him know you oppose this legislation.

NC Senators: 

Thom Tillis (202-224-6342 and 704-509-9087)

Richard Burr (202-224-3154 and 800-685-8916)

NC Representatives:

Robert Pittenger (202-225-1976 and 704-362-1060)

Alma Adams (202-225-1510 and 704-344-9950)

Ted Budd (202-225-4531)

SC Senators:

Lindsey Graham (202-224-5972 and 804-250-1417)

Tim Scott (202-224-6121 and 864-233-5366)

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