100 Days of MARCHING

One hundred days ago our world changed.  What began on January 21 with marches on Washington and Charlotte has grown into a movement of 600 women and men who are working to effect change.

In the last three months, we have saved the Affordable Care Act, CWM at Charleston eventlobbied against Gerrymandering in Raleigh, marched in front of Senator Tillis’ office and delivered letters to Senator Burr’s office, called Representative Pittenger’s Town Hall, danced at the Planned Parenthood fundraiser, wrote in support of Immigrants and protested at President Trump’s rally in Charleston.

We attended a forum on the Women’s March on Washington, learned how to run for office from Lillian’s List, POA Event photo1assisted at an immigrant rights’ Power of Attorney workshop, marched for Women’s Rights in Barcelona, Spain, and attended an NAACP meeting with Indivisible Uptown.

We contributed to panel discussions on the Women’s Movement on WFAE and at the Levine Museum of the New South. We registered voters on St. Patrick’s Day uptown and at UNCC and Marshall Park for Earth Day. kids with signs at Science MarchWe marched for Science and spoke on women in the sciences. We support the Define American Film Festival in May.

Our calls to state and federal legislators voiced our opinions on the Affordable Care Act and other women’s health issues, registered our dismay at federal cabinet appointments, expressed our outrage at the government’s treatment of immigrants, protested the proposed budget cuts to the arts, the EPA, Meals on Wheels and other social welfare programs. We will continue to call our state and federal legislators voicing our opinions on upcoming legislation.

Have we been more effective than the White House?

CWM Banner with IndivisibleWe are coordinating with other groups to eliminate duplication. The Women’s March on Charlotte has joined us, Indivisible Uptown will sponsor a joint meeting with us in June and an organizer of the March for Science is now working through us. We coordinated with 100 activist groups to build a network that supports one another’s efforts.

Our eight interest groups are meeting monthly to map out agendas. Group at First MtgThese informative discussions are varied and have included a talk from the resident artist at the McColl Center during the Racial Justice committee meeting. The Women’s Health meetings begin with a short yoga practice to calm everyone down. The Votes and Candidates meeting heard from the League of Women Voters and Lillian’s List. Several immigration lawyers gave advice at the Immigration meeting. At our second general meeting in April we heard from four panelists on how to become more effective activists.

The glue that holds us together is the Communications group who works tirelessly maintaining our website (charlottewomensmarch.wordpress.com), our Facebook page (charlottewomensmarch) and our mailing list. They edit, format and post our work, send out eblasts to interest groups and to the general mailing list and keep everyone informed. We have 470 followers on Facebook and 3500 views of our website. Thank you for giving us such a professional look and ensuring that we are kept current on upcoming activities and are as effective as possible.

We are proud to announce that several of our members are current office-holders or are planning on running for elected office and we will support those efforts.

WOW! WHAT AN IMPRESSIVE ARRAY OF ACTIONS! We have made our voices heard and we will continue to make ourselves heard until we are sure that everyone in this country is respected for who they are and what they do.

Our work is not yet done. The Affordable Care Act is again under siege, the proposed tax reform will benefit only the rich, and immigrants continue to be convenient victims for this administration. Invite your friends to follow us on Facebook and our website and continue to act.


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