Legislative Update & Actions Week of 4.3


  1. Call Sen. Richard Burr (Chair of the Senate Intelligence Comm.) to express your strong support for that committee’s investigation to be a thorough, bipartisan process that answers all questions about Russia’s role in the 2016 election, as well as any connection between the Trump campaign and Russia.

This is a threat to our democracy and an attack by a foreign government.


  1. Call your representative to express your opposition to the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

These agencies and others being eliminated are less than 1% of the federal budget but provide services to citizens in every community. #artsfunding

  1. Call your senators and representative to oppose devastating budget cuts to the EPA. Point out to them:
  • North Carolina currently ranks second to only California in installed solar power.
  • The renewable energy industry provides real jobs that support tens of thousands of North Carolina families.
  • The world (including China) has fully embraced renewable energy and going back to reliance on coal will hurt North Carolina. #renewableenergy

U.S. Senators from North Carolina:

Thom Tillis (202-224-6342 and 704-509-9087)

Richard Burr (202-224-3154 and 800-685-8916)

U.S. Senators from South Carolina:

Lindsey Graham (202-224-5972 and 804-250-1417)

Tim Scott (202-224-6121 and 864-233-5366)

U.S. Representatives from the Charlotte area:

Alma Adams (202-225-1510 and 704-344-9950)

Ted Budd (202-225-4531)

Robert Pittenger (202-225-1976 and 704-362-1060)

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