Assisting Local Families

Faced with the possibility of deportation, local undocumented immigrant families are scrambling to arm themselves with legal documents necessary to provide some protection for their American children that would be left behind.

Charlotte Women’s March (CWM) members have assisted Legal Services of the Southern Piedmont (LSSP) and the Latin American Coalition during their Power of Attorney workshops held March 18th and 25th.

POA Event photo1
Photo courtesy Legal Services of Southern Piedmont

Powers of attorney allow these parents to designate guardians for their children who can then also make educational and medical decisions on their behalf. In some cases, the immigrants may also appoint that person to make financial transactions regarding vehicles or other personal property.

The families were provided with the documents free of charge.

POA Event photo
Photo courtesy Legal Services of Southern Piedmont

CWM volunteers served in numerous capacities such as attorneys, translators and notaries. Other members provided breakfast and lunch for the more than 75 volunteers that took part in the March 25th event.

Immigrants from numerous Latin American countries such as Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico were served.

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