Actions Regarding ACA Proposed Legislation

Call this week to express your concerns
about the proposed replacement of the ACA

  • BUDGET IMPACT: Time was not allowed for the very fundamental step of having the bill scored by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to estimate its cost and impact on the deficit.  This is an irresponsible omission by the House leadership and must be challenged.
  •  MEDICAID EXPANSION: The bill would cap the amount of federal money states receive for their Medicaid programs, which could result in healthcare costs shifting to cash-strapped states as well as Medicaid beneficiaries themselves. 10 million of the 20 million who were able to get coverage under the ACA did so through Medicaid expansion. Their ability to continue coverage is at risk.
  • AGE-BASED TAX CREDITS: In place of Medicaid expansion, Republicans have proposed providing an age-based tax credit with some limits at higher levels of income. In other words, the wealthy would receive an unneeded tax break, while many lower-income people would be unable to afford healthcare coverage.
  • PLANNED PARENTHOOD: To add insult to injury, the bill further threatens healthcare access for low-income people by proposing to defund Planned Parenthood.

 Call your senator or representative and let him/her know how you feel about repealing the ACA and replacing it with the Republican Plan.

NC Senators:  Thom Tillis (202-224-6342 and 704-509-9087)
Richard Burr (202-224-3154 and 800-685-8916)
 NC Representatives: 
Robert Pittenger (202-225-1976 and
Alma Adams (202-225-1510 and 704-344-9950)
Ted Budd (202-225-4531)

SC Senators:  Lindsey Graham (202-224-5972 and 803-366-2828)
Tim Scott (202-224-6121 and 803-771-6112)
 SC Representative for Upstate District #5:  Seat currently vacant

If your representative is not listed below or you are not sure who your rep is, click on this link and enter your zip code: whoismyrepresentative

Leave your name, address and zip code if you only reach a voice mail system so that your opinion will be tallied.

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