Candidate Support

Initial Meeting Notes: February 7, 2017

Summary: Items requested by the CWM leadership were reviewed: A list of relevant websites was developed and several people volunteered to monitor them and post information on the CWM FaceBook page and forward information to the facilitators of the CMW blog, once it is up and running.  (All interest group members should forward to the facilitators any information they want posted on the blog. Facilitators will work on creating an interest group member information spreadsheet.) Presently this group is combined with voter registration.


Develop a list of relevant websites and find volunteers to monitor those sites.

Action Step:

The following websites were listed at the meeting:

* Swing Left, an organization devoted to taking back the U.S. House of Representatives. To use this website, enter your zip code, identify the nearest swing district, and identify actionable opportunities to support progressives.

Two follow-up suggestions were offered:

1. Get involved in local Democratic precincts (50 per cent of 195 North Carolina Democratic precincts are not organized).  Meetings are being held in late February and early March.

2. Work on making voter change of address easier, e.g., linking changes to tax rolls or driver’s  licenses.

*The League of Women Voters, a non-profit organization established to achieve and protect the right to vote.

*Lillian’s List, a non-profit that works to recruit, train, promote and support pro-choice progressive women running for public office.

*Democracy NC, a statewide organization and source of impartial data on the role of money in politics, voter participation, and good government.

*Next Door, a private social network for neighborhoods that can provide a means of networking with neighbors on current issues and events.

*North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys, an organization of women whose goals include increasing the effective participation by women in the justice system, in public office, and within the legal profession; promoting the rights of women under the law; promoting the welfare of the women attorneys of North Carolina; and promoting and improving the administration of justice.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, March 14 at 5:30 pm; details to follow.

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