Month: February 2017

Immigration Committee Updates 2-27-17

TED TALK:  To better understand some of the issues at play today in the immigration conversation, I invite you will take 16 minutes to watch the following TED Talk.  The work we are doing is very important.  How to Crowdsource a Refugee Rights Strategy by Stephen Manning.  As you listen, please understand that Charlotte and Atlanta Refugee …

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CWM Newsetter 2.28.17

All of the information below is also listed on our Facebook page. Send me your notices (especially what you did over the last week) to and I’ll try to send out a weekly newsletter with updates. And don’t forget to post your information on Facebook. March On! Jan Anderson  Upcoming Events       Tuesday, February 28, 2017Immigration Policy in the Queen …

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Environmental Group Initial Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes: February 7, 2017 Goal: Identify volunteers who are willing to monitor key environmental websites with a focus on state legislation, recognizing that bills can come up for a vote within a short timeframe, so vigilance is required. (Debbie Birch) Action Step: Monitor the General Assembly website for unscheduled committee meetings. Goal: Identify …

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Legislative Actions week of Feb. 13

Hopefully the weekend’s warm weather has re-energized all of us! Here’s what is in our craw for this week. Please pardon any unwieldy formatting – we’re still learning the system! Monday:           Mnuchin Confirmation Day While we will not stop the confirmation of Steven Mnuchin as our Treasury Secretary, let’s let Burr and Tillis know that we …

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Call to action for Union County

ACTION ALERT: IT STARTS HERE!!! To all registered Democrats in Union County- if you are looking for making a difference in the democratic party- whether it be through elected officials, NC Democratic platform or DNC chair, we need you!!! Attached is a document containing the dates and times of the 2017 Annual Democratic Precinct Meetings. …

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Candidate Support

Initial Meeting Notes: February 7, 2017 Summary: Items requested by the CWM leadership were reviewed: A list of relevant websites was developed and several people volunteered to monitor them and post information on the CWM FaceBook page and forward information to the facilitators of the CMW blog, once it is up and running.  (All interest group …

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Good reading

The following sources for good information were provided by Charlottewomensmarch member Gillian Russell:

I joined the Communications group, and as we introduced ourselves, I heard a number of women emphasize the need for effective messaging. While we’re waiting to organize our working session, I wanted to pass along some resources I thought might be helpful to the Communications group and our group as a whole.
These include:
  • The Indivisible Guide. A group of Congressional staffers wrote the guide. It outlines the most effective ways to reach elected representatives. The guide can be downloaded as a PDF, and I like to have the link handy on my phone for quick reference.
  • The Muslim Ban Guidebook. This is from the Muslim Girl blog that I’ve followed for about two years now. It offers talking points about the ban, Muslims in American, and the refugee crisis.
  • Awesomely Techie. This is a blog from Luvvie Ajayi that focuses on using social media, blogging, and websites. She covers everything from security to not looking like spam on Twitter. She also has a New York Times best-selling book titled I’m Judging You. I highly recommend it and her blog, Awesomely Luvvie.
  • Townhall Project 2018. This is an ever-expanding list of upcoming townhalls. There are some for North Carolina, but nothing for Tillis or Burr. However, it’s constantly updated.
Finally, for messaging ideas, I would like to recommend George Lakoff’s Don’t Think of an Elephant. He describes how to frame messages in a way that can persuade conservative and conservative-leaning audience members. I read his Moral Politics last December, and his work in cognitive science was quite compelling.

Racial Justice

Initial Meeting Notes February 7, 2017 Summary: The Racial Justice Group, with 53 women attending the meeting, explored several ideas about how to gain an understanding of systemic racism. The members discussed their concerns about disparities in the justice system, the court system, and efforts to re-segregate schools. (Forty four percent of Charlotte Mecklenburg schools are …

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